March 14, 2016


Leadervest is Canada’s leading FinTech incubator-accelerator to launch and globally scale Canadian startups.

Leadervest was founded as a reaction to the issues that caused the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and saw millions of people lose their jobs due to irresponsible leadership in the big banks. We believe innovation is the key to a stable financial services industry and that leaders who innovate will change the world. We support FinTech startups creating a FinTech eco-system in Canada, as this will create more competition for our global financial systems, which will in turn make services cheaper and more accessible and ultimately improve financial equality and inclusion around the world.

We support innovative leaders in Toronto, Canada and with distribution into New York, USA in blockchain & bitcoin, artificial intelligence & big data analytics, social impact investing, mobile payments/e-commerce, digital wealth/portfolio management robo-advisors, online real estate/mortgage & personal lending, venture capital/private equity & crowdfunding, RegTech & InsurTech (life/health/group benefits/property & casualty insurance).

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