How Artificial Intelligence Will Save Our Water Supply

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More and more people are starting to recognize the importance of environmentalism and the effect humans are having on the planet. The importance of water conservation has started to come to the forefront of this environmental movement as our survival is heavily reliant on our ability to access freshwater reservoirs and the amount of consumable water is decreasing as the world’s (human) population continues to increase.

As scary as this sounds, it isn’t the death sentence it may at first appear to be. When it comes down to it humans are very resourceful and as we speak people are exploring ways to lessen our global footprint while still accessing the resources we need to survive.

Believe it or not, the technology that forms elements of FinTech may just be our best bet for the future of water. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming the choice route to take to protect and improve our freshwater access, saving both the collection and distribution of this natural resource, and startups are setting up the systems needed to put these tools into play.

Meet one of the potential saviors, Pluto AI , a startup determined to update our water asset management systems. The company’s platform uses analytics and AI to work with water facilities and better manage their day-to-day processes. Pluto AI clients can use the program to set up alerts and be notified when the system uncovers patterns in their data. Even better, Pluto manages the data using Deep Learning models and presents the information in charts and graphs, making the information easier for these decision makers to understand.

This AI system is a much needed system upgrade. The maintenance of these beverage plants requires an incredible amount of data from numerous sources and properly sorting and analyzing it is a huge undertaking (and inaccurate analyses could have devastating consequences). With an AI system like Pluto’s, the problematic areas of production (be it hardware, financial or human) will be uncovered and solutions can then be implemented before the damage spreads too far. If there is a pattern at play, Pluto AI will find it. This is good news for myriad reasons, as the problem-solving intelligence system will lead to an increase in safety and quality while also reducing costs. More quality freshwater and increased profits. What could be better?

AI, properly harnessed, has the potential to save the world. Its algorithms are being used to find the data we need to work out potential solutions and make needed changes to decrease our footprint and/or better use our available resources. This is incredibly important when it comes to water, as we need to find the best way to access and manage the freshwater supply. It is great to know that modern technology is working towards the solutions we need.

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