The Basic Impact of Basic Income and Impact Investing



It’s a common misnomer that we’re living in a callous, self-absorbed and ignorant society, obsessed with self-preservation and self-gratification. It’s also often theorized that technology is damaging our social lives and leading us towards a robotic society. In truth, there is a current of good running through society and modern technology is actually giving us the tools to ensure this good is spread further across the world. Contrary to isolating us, modern initiatives like impact investing and basic income will help unite us and create a truly equal society. Join us this week as we explore the good that is being done.

Interested in actually making a difference with your wallet? Social impact investing really is the best way to invest your money. By supporting causes seeking to make a positive change in the world, you can ensure you are doing good with your financial contribution…while also as earning investment rewards.

For those wishing to explore the concept, the partnership with FinTech has made it much easier to access. Check out SVX, a platform created to simplify the process of raising capital and making impact investments.

Many entrepreneurs in the finance field know the value of the partnership and are seeking ways to make the strongest impact. Earlier this month (November 9-10) they met at the Social Finance Forum to discuss the importance of impact investing and how FinTech is (positively) changing the field. The continuing presence of this event (now in its 11th year) shows how intertwined FinTech can be with social justice.

Partnering up with impact investing is a smart move, as this is a field that is on the rise. The Global Impact Investing Network has noted its rise, with the number of entrepreneurs and investors steadily growing. This is likely because impact investing has often been positioned as investment for the 99%, a way for anyone to cultivate a portfolio despite their lower economic standing. As well, as people become more socially conscious, they want a way to ensure that their money is going to worthy causes. As the field grows its profit levels rise, which is good news for people who chose to support this movement. In fact, studies done by Cambridge Associates and the Global Impact Investing Network, McKinsey & Company and Wharton Business School all show positive internal rates of return in impact investing.

With FinTech making the investment process so much easier and convenient, it’s easier than ever to put your money where it matters.

It can be argued that basic income is simply a recipient of social impact investing, as accumulated (government/company) money is used to improve society, but it is actually much more than that. A life saver for many, basic income also feeds back to the investment market by offering the opportunity for wannabe investors to finally support worthy causes—including themselves and their business aspirations. According to a study done by the Mowat Centre in Toronto, the introduction of basic income leads to an increase in socially conscious businesses. This makes sense when you realize that so many people want to support worthy causes and want to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, but don’t necessarily have the financial base to do this.

Considering the beneficial effects of these socially conscious businesses, the concept of basic income should be a definite priority for governments.

When combined, social impact investing and basic income have the potential to finally create a fair(er) society. We now have the resources to create a new world order. Think of how amazing it would be, knowing that the playing field is not as skewed and no one is being left behind to suffer. When people aren’t in dire financial straits and now have extra income to support initiatives that are vastly improving the world, everybody wins. This should be a cause that unites us. Let’s work together to make it happen.

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