Blockchain, Bitcoin & the Future


So far 2017 is seeing great strides in the field of bitcoin, with the value of bitcoin hitting record high levels. At the same time, new discoveries are set to impact the blockchain system, allowing innovative thinkers to harness the technology and bring new ideas to the market.

Startups are taking a very important role in the revolution. In the United States, the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) is aiming to remake its credit platform and is working with startups Axoni and R3 to help improve its process. When this makeover is done financial institutions will see a major improvement in their operations–all thanks to blockchain technology.

The rest of the world is also making great financial strides. In fact, the financial powerhouses of BNY Melon, Deutsche Bank, Santander and UBS are joining forces in order to harness blockchain’s potential and create a new digital currency. This new product will no doubt continue the financial revolution. And according to an IBM study, 90% of governments will be seeking to invest in blockchain by 2018.

This is good news for startups interested in working in the field of blockchain and bitcoin. With high interest in the field, a well-developed startup has a good chance of success. Not only that, but major corporations are seeking the help of startups to get up to speed. Porsche ran a competition to find suitable startups, while Microsoft paired with Tierion and Spotify connected with Mediachain.

Blockchain and bitcoin are becoming a louder force in the business world and entrepreneurs wanting to make an impact in tomorrow’s marketplace should take a serious look at what the blockchain technology has to offer. The options for success are endless.

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