basic income for the world

How Basic Income Will Change Our Economy

Humans are dreamers. We have aspirations of greatness and know (with a bit of a leg up) we could help better the world. As technology changes how we work and play, we have more of an opportunity to explore what we could potentially do. The primary problem we encounter though is quite simple: We live[…]

Money divided into unequal parts

How FinTech Will Solve Income Inequality

We know income inequality is not good. It damages people’s lives and hurts the economy. History is full of rebellion against it, whether by attempting to overthrow the monarchy or throwing tea overboard. Sadly this evil has yet to be defeated. In fact, it has only grown.  It’s also been self-perpetuating, as the money has[…]

A female line-up.

The Female FinTech Revolution: AI Edition

  Women have spent generations making a name for themselves in the work world and gaining control over their finances. The female market is now a strong market for financial firms to target, but you have to know how to reach them. That being said, technology is giving us new ways to reach and interact with[…]

Mini person standing on financial stack of coins.

How FinTech Serves the Underserved

Finance has long existed under a hierarchical system in which the elite are given far superior services and rates and the lower classes are given sub-par (or no) services. With FinTech the financial game is changing and there is a reason why FinTech is being called the democratization of the financial system.   After all,[…]

Money, continents and women.

How Women Are Leading the Blockchain & RegTech Revolution

It has been well established by this point that FinTech is bringing in a banking revolution. Finally, after years of a financial system tilted to benefit the upper crust, finance is becoming a system that really will benefit all people.   This can be seen in so many ways, from remaking the tipping process to improving the mortgage[…]

Wallet in a clamp

How FinTech Will Help You Budget

  The financial crisis of 2008 hit a lot of people, but the damage inflicted on millennials was dealt out on several levels. Not only were savings attacked, but they had to enter into a depressed job market while saddled with university/college debt. The repercussions of this are still being felt, as this generation is[…]

Globe and FinTech terms

Can FinTech Solve Climate Change and Income Inequality?

  Climate change, FinTech and income inequality. At first glance, they seem like unrelated (although life-altering) concepts. In reality, though, they are deeply interlinked. Climate change stands to be one of the most important issues of our time, a problem that needs to be solved (or at least properly addressed) before too much damage has[…]

Water drop

How Artificial Intelligence Will Save Our Water Supply

More and more people are starting to recognize the importance of environmentalism and the effect humans are having on the planet. The importance of water conservation has started to come to the forefront of this environmental movement as our survival is heavily reliant on our ability to access freshwater reservoirs and the amount of consumable[…]

World Flags

How FinTech Partnerships Are Bringing Nations Together

FinTech is a global phenomenon. This is well known by this point. (Check out our e-book on the subject for more info.) In almost every corner of the world, people, businesses and countries are using the latest financial technology to refresh their economy and position themselves as powerhouses on the world stage. For startups wanting to[…]