How FinTech Is Taking Over the East

How do you compete in today’s competitive business world? You fund startups. These are the companies that are showing innovation and are making a real impact in the world. When it comes to the ever-stretching reach of FinTech, this truth is incredibly important. FinTech is changing the financial field and no one wants to be[…]


How to Reach Millennials and Do Good

A common refrain made by older generations is that younger generations are self-absorbed and uncaring, and millennials are often saddled with this stigma. In reality, this age group is very socially conscious and acts in relation to this conscience. In fact, 67% of millennials (and 44% of gen x) prefer to invest in companies and[…]


Blockchain, Bitcoin & the Future

So far 2017 is seeing great strides in the field of bitcoin, with the value of bitcoin hitting record high levels. At the same time, new discoveries are set to impact the blockchain system, allowing innovative thinkers to harness the technology and bring new ideas to the market. Startups are taking a very important role[…]


What Are the Financial Terms You Need to Know?

Three of the big terms in finance right now are blockchain, FinTech and RegTech. Powerhouses in their own right, these industries are also working together to remake our financial industry. For startups looking to break into the market, a knowledge of what these revisions are (or will be) is vital for survival in the new[…]


Why You Should Consider an Incubator For Your Startup

Are you dreaming about launching a startup but aren’t 100% confident in your ability to manage the process?  For those who need a bit of mentorship, there is always the incubator-accelerator option. We talked about the accelerator option here, but incubators are also an important element in the startup creation process. The incubation process helps[…]


How FinTech Startups Will Save the World

Many entrepreneurs enter the market because they want to make a (beneficial) difference in this world. The potential is definitely there: use available technology to improve people’s lives in one of a myriad of ways. FinTech is making a positive difference in itself, giving countless people access to secure financial services and repairing an outdated[…]


What Were the Payments Canada Summit Insights?

On May 24-26, I attended the Payments Canada Summit in Toronto and many hot topics were covered over these three days. Amanda Lang did an incredible job hosting what was said to be the largest event for Canadian payments executives. The most discussed topics of the Summit were certainly the importance of blockchain and the[…]

the Millennial Market

How to Reach the Millennial Market

Technology is ever changing the work environment and FinTech is set to take us through yet another revolution. One major bonus is the fact that the millennials–who are quickly becoming the guiding force of the economy–are incredibly technologically savvy. What does this mean? Millennials are easily adopting the new technologies FinTech is introducing, which gives[…]


Why You Should Consider an Accelerator For Your Startup

In business–and especially in startups– an accelerator is a very important part of the team. After all, these are the entities that provide the knowledge and funding to keep a company surviving and thriving. Maybe you are a startup just taking your first unstable steps in the marketplace (or just standing on the sidelines thinking[…]