How FinTech Is Helping Businesswomen Find Funding

As society grows less and less trusting of “the man” or “big business” and seeks out alternative options as much as possible, entrepreneurs need to be more knowledgeable of their options when it comes to business funding. This is especially true for women, who were already facing an uphill battle when it comes to funding.[…]

The Basic Impact of Basic Income and Impact Investing

The Basic Impact of Basic Income and Impact Investing

  It’s a common misnomer that we’re living in a callous, self-absorbed and ignorant society, obsessed with self-preservation and self-gratification. It’s also often theorized that technology is damaging our social lives and leading us towards a robotic society. In truth, there is a current of good running through society and modern technology is actually giving[…]

money sandbox

Do You Know About the FinTech Sandbox?

  Good news, FinTech startup enthusiasts: It’s time to start playing in the sandbox again. Of course, the adult version is different from the sandbox of your childhood.  This new sandbox is a regulatory sandbox (or, as Charles Sousa called it during his Toronto Region Board of Trade speech, “regulatory super sandbox”) and is set[…]

Piece of cryptocurrency

Get Ready for the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Revolution

Cryptocurrency is a major buzzword right now, thanks in large part to bitcoin’s continuing (albeit tumultuous) rise in the markets and the ever fluctuating world currencies. As technology continues to take more of a hold on our daily lives, the importance and presence of cryptocurrency will continue to grow. Closely linked to cryptocurrency, blockchain is[…]

How Women Are Funding FinTech

How Women Are Funding FinTech

Although the gender gap still exists in the business world, recent years have seen more women coming to the forefront. The world over, women are getting ready to put on their entrepreneur hats and conquer the marketplace. But a simple truth remains:  Starting and maintaining a business requires capital. How does the modern businesswoman find[…]

Universal basic income chart

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fear UBI

  Universal Basic Income is (becoming) a hot topic and major institutions are seriously exploring its potential. This is important, as the increasing automatization of jobs means the work world will look very different in the future. Although many top economists have stressed the positive impact it would have on society and our economy, misconceptions[…]

basic income for the world

How Basic Income Will Change Our Economy

Humans are dreamers. We have aspirations of greatness and know (with a bit of a leg up) we could help better the world. As technology changes how we work and play, we have more of an opportunity to explore what we could potentially do. The primary problem we encounter though is quite simple: We live[…]

Money divided into unequal parts

How FinTech Will Solve Income Inequality

We know income inequality is not good. It damages people’s lives and hurts the economy. History is full of rebellion against it, whether by attempting to overthrow the monarchy or throwing tea overboard. Sadly this evil has yet to be defeated. In fact, it has only grown.  It’s also been self-perpetuating, as the money has[…]