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How FinTech Will Help You Budget

  The financial crisis of 2008 hit a lot of people, but the damage inflicted on millennials was dealt out on several levels. Not only were savings attacked, but they had to enter into a depressed job market while saddled with university/college debt. The repercussions of this are still being felt, as this generation is[…]

Globe and FinTech terms

Can FinTech Solve Climate Change and Income Inequality?

  Climate change, FinTech and income inequality. At first glance, they seem like unrelated (although life-altering) concepts. In reality, though, they are deeply interlinked. Climate change stands to be one of the most important issues of our time, a problem that needs to be solved (or at least properly addressed) before too much damage has[…]

Water drop

How Artificial Intelligence Will Save Our Water Supply

More and more people are starting to recognize the importance of environmentalism and the effect humans are having on the planet. The importance of water conservation has started to come to the forefront of this environmental movement as our survival is heavily reliant on our ability to access freshwater reservoirs and the amount of consumable[…]

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How FinTech Partnerships Are Bringing Nations Together

FinTech is a global phenomenon. This is well known by this point. (Check out our e-book on the subject for more info.) In almost every corner of the world, people, businesses and countries are using the latest financial technology to refresh their economy and position themselves as powerhouses on the world stage. For startups wanting to[…]

Financial CHOICE Act

How Regulation and FinTech Might Be Changing

In 2012 the JOBS Act was passed by the U.S. Government to help startups and make investment crowdfunding easier. Now, five years later, the government is once again making strides to make the FinTech startup field easier to navigate.This is great news. Currently making its way through the House, the Financial Creating Hope and Opportunity[…]


The Rise of the New Cryptocurrency

With interest in cryptocurrency rising, the competition is starting to gain more importance. Who will take over as the new face of currency? There are a few options and time will tell which altcoin will rise from the pack to become the new leader of the cryptocurrency world. Ethereum  is the name most people throw[…]


How FinTech Is Taking Over the East

How do you compete in today’s competitive business world? You fund startups. These are the companies that are showing innovation and are making a real impact in the world. When it comes to the ever-stretching reach of FinTech, this truth is incredibly important. FinTech is changing the financial field and no one wants to be[…]


How to Reach Millennials and Do Good

A common refrain made by older generations is that younger generations are self-absorbed and uncaring, and millennials are often saddled with this stigma. In reality, this age group is very socially conscious and acts in relation to this conscience. In fact, 67% of millennials (and 44% of gen x) prefer to invest in companies and[…]