How FinTech Will Help Millennials Save For Retirement


In today’s business world–and this is especially true for millennials–Freedom 55 is almost a pipe dream. People are working later,  partly because we are living longer and partly because government pension plans aren’t what they used to be. As well, the 2008 financial crisis devastated the stock portfolio of many Generation Xers and crippled the economy for millennials, who were then unable to start saving as much as they wanted to–even though they are well aware of the importance of retirement savings.

Add in the changing workplace, which is seeing the erosion of the benefits system, and you have a potential disaster brewing.

So how do people in today’s market prepare for retirement? And how do you ensure that your employees aren’t left stranded at the end of their career? It shouldn’t surprise you to know that FinTech has the answer to that conundrum.

The founders of ForUsAll saw the problem that came with smaller companies and their ability to process retirement contributions for employees and set out to simplify the process. Offering 401(k) advice, the company also takes on the administrative responsibilities, reducing the work companies have to do to process benefits. When combined with their fees, which are lower than conventional advisors’ fees, ForUsAll has positioned itself as the perfect solution for today’s retirement fund needs.

FinTech is, in many ways, the masses taking power back from the big banks. Through these innovative startups we are freeing ourselves from the red tape and drowning interest rates imposed on us by the previous big bank system. Are you a millennial already fantasizing about retirement but worried about the roadblocks between you and this dream life? For those of us saving for retirement and worrying about our savings options, FinTech’s entrance into the retirement field is a life saver.

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