Get Ready for the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Revolution

Piece of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a major buzzword right now, thanks in large part to bitcoin’s continuing (albeit tumultuous) rise in the markets and the ever fluctuating world currencies. As technology continues to take more of a hold on our daily lives, the importance and presence of cryptocurrency will continue to grow. Closely linked to cryptocurrency, blockchain is also growing as a real market presence. Blockchain is already making an impact and will see incredible gains in 2018, with multiple international conferences set to bring experts together to explore its full potential and financial strongholds like Wall Street aiming to adopt the technology. Smart entrepreneurs know this and are exploring the newest innovations in order to revolutionize the blockchain and cryptocurrency marketplace. Although the market is crowded, the innovative startups find a way to stand out.

How do you attract customers in a busy marketplace? You bring them in with something you know they will like. It’s been established that people like rewards. They also (generally) like technology and money. Combine them together and you’ve got a winner. Giftz realized this and is now set to offer its own cryptocurrency (itCoin) as a reward program for partnering businesses. This is great news for businesses, as they now have an easy way to offer and manage a rewards system that (until now) was often confusing and complicated. Considering how popular reward programs are, it’s pretty easy to see that the itCoin will be a win for everyone.

Of course, some businesses know the best way to reach your audience is to make your product simple and easy to understand. Ziftr set out to provide an easy solution by making its cryptocurrency (ziftrCOIN) at minimum match the USD and has a shopping cart system set up for an easy shopping experience. As well, the company has established a solid relationship with retailers, increasing the number of places the cryptocurrency can be used. Now partnered with GoCoin, the ziftrCOIN has a real chance to find a place in people’s digital wallets.

With so many (big and little) names seeing the potential in cryptocurrency, a company that can create the tokens for other startups is in a very good place if they choose to offer their services. This is what Simple Token is setting out to do. The company offers people the chance to buy Simple Tokens and use this technology to power branded cryptocurrencies for their businesses. On November 14 the company held an initial sale of their Simple Tokens, letting people in to test the waters before the official 2018 launch of the platform. Watch for them next year, as their services will likely be in hot demand.

The power team of blockchain and cryptocurrency will make a big impact as 2017 draws to a close and will continue to revolutionize our relationship with money as we make our way through 2018. The amazing thing about it is the opportunity it brings, as these new cryptocurrencies offer benefits typical currency never has. Technology has changed our relationship to so many aspects of our lives, and now it is finally time for it to take our currency to the next level.

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