How Will We Improve Society in 2018?

2018 with bitcoin symbol replacing the 8.


It’s a new year and with that comes fresh hope for the potential the year might hold. With so much dark news, now is the time to look at the good that is happening and how those elements could make 2018 the best year we’ve ever had. We know the world is far from perfect, but we hold the potential and the technology to revolutionize our world. All we have to do is recognize where we are going as a society and make sure we are ready when we get there.

In recent years, the work world has been introduced to big data, computers and robots. With these new advances in technology, we are facing the greatest remake of the work world since the first industrial revolution. With increasing automation and artificial intelligence, job losses are guaranteed. Studies by both Oxford University and McKinsey Global Institute found that close to 50% of jobs are in danger of being automated. Although this seems like a potentially game-ending move, the reality is we can use the new situation to remake the work world for the better. The new workforce will have greater opportunity to pursue entrepreneurship or work with the new technology and the jobs it creates. Modern education will focus more on STEAM, getting people ready (or retraining them) to work in the new work environment. These new jobs working with technology come with an increase in wages, which is good news for those who choose to upgrade their skills.

As technology changes the workforce, we can also use it to better our world and society. Through initiatives like basic income, smart technology and sustainability, we have the real opportunity to make the world better for everyone. Yes, automation has the potential to eliminate a large number of jobs, but the technology behind it and the potential behind that technology can and will open up new ways to improve our world. Smart technology and artificial intelligence are truly transformative and are helping to reach people that were previously overlooked.

The blockchain is ready to track our environmental impact and we can use this technology to make more ecologically sound decisions. We have the means if we are ready to put it to use. This could be one of the most important aspects of the technological revolution. The good news is that we are already moving in the right direction. FinTech is already being explored for its ability to conserve water and promote sustainable development and if we continue down this path in 2018 we can help make a positive impact and reduce the size of our global footprint. I can’t think of a better use for modern technology.

As 2018 begins we should take a serious look at who we want to be and what we want to do this year. With just a few initiatives we could radically improve our world. Although at first it may seem daunting, these changes aren’t hard and will lead to a better tomorrow if we handle them properly. A basic income would give people the financial base needed to retrain for new careers and these new jobs can use technology to help protect the environment. How do you envision people and technology’s role in society’s best path for 2018?

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