March 9, 2016


Leadervest is Canada’s leading FinTech consulting incubator-accelerator to launch and globally scale Canadian startups. We offer:

FINTECH CONSULTANTS – Leadervest provides much-needed consulting and mentorship as an advisory consortium of over 20 of Canada’s top specialized FinTech consultants and advisors to guide you towards profitable growth. Specialized mentorship can save entrepreneurs time, help guide startups through the minefield that is the early marketplace and help them avoid common pitfalls through our incubation process. In fact, mentored startups dramatically outperform their unmentored competition, doubling the success rate of launching and surviving.

SALES ACCELERATION – Leadervest consultants and advisors understand their market and help increase startup sales. Regardless of how groundbreaking you may think your startup is, other startups and businesses will be competing with you for your customer base. Knowing your customers’ problems and what makes you unique from the competition is key and an incubator-accelerator can help you increase your sales and compete on the global stage. With another 20 FinTech sales consultants into the US market for US distribution, we can help get your sales off the ground.

FUNDING – Leadervest has access to capital and can connect startups with funding. Startups connected to incubator-accelerators have more clout, as incubator-accelerators do due diligence to ensure a startup will make money before adding it to its portfolio.

CO-WORKING SPACE – Leadervest has developed co-working space partnerships for office space in your area for funded startups or virtual services for bootstrapped startups. Spending time with like-minded entrepreneurs facing similar business challenges can encourage the right environment, attitude and habits to help you grow your business.

We can connect you with FinTech consultants today and we are now accepting applications for our fall cohort running September 1, 2017 until December 31, 2017 with possibility of extension. Please send your pitch deck, with financials and executive summary to  or fill out the online application form under the HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? portal.